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« It is important to adequately calculate the heating capacity required to heat your room. An underpowered heating system will reduce the lifespan of your heater. To learn more... »
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Traditional Style Baseboard Heater

PEG Series

Bask in its warmth and enjoy full peace of mind.

Features that are sure to please!

  • Quickest and easiest installation on the market.
No need to disassemble for electrical connection or wall attachment:
  • Built-in single-screw wire connector on the back for quick junction box access from either end.
  • Two rows of oval mounting holes with centering mark.
  • Installs right on the floor with back of unit in contact with wall.
No need for spacers.
  • Perfect for renovations
Just the right size for old electric baseboard heater replacement.
  • Even quieter natural convection heating.
Heating element floats on high-temperature nylon supports to reduce thermal expansion noises.
  • Gentler, cozier heat.
The PEG series baseboard heater provides an average Watt density of 275 W/ft.
  • Solid, durable construction and smooth, clean lines.
  • Fits nicely into any room of the house and is even rugged enough to install in commercial buildings.
  • Baked epoxy/polyester powder coating providing an ultra-durable, easy-to-maintain finish.

Our warranty—your assurance of quality!

  • Lifetime on the heating element
  • 1-year against defects

Product dimensions

Available Models

Product # Watts
240/208 V
Without thermostat 1-pole built-in thermostat1 2-pole built-in thermostat1 in. mm
PEG0300BL PEG0300BL-T1CD PEG0300BL-T2CD 300/225 W 22 3/4 577
PEG0500BL PEG0500BL-T1CD PEG0500BL-T2CD 500/375 W 27 11/16 702
PEG0750BL PEG0750BL-T1CD PEG0750BL-T2CD 750/563 W 37 11/16 956
PEG1000BL PEG1000BL-T1CD PEG1000BL-T2CD 1000/750 W 47 15/16 1217
PEG1250BL PEG1250BL-T1CD PEG1250BL-T2CD 1250/938 W 57 7/16 1458
PEG1500BL PEG1500BL-T1CD PEG1500BL-T2CD 1500/1125 W 66 1/8 1679
PEG1750BL PEG1750BL-T1CD PEG1750BL-T2CD 1750/1313 W 75 7/16 1916
PEG2000BL PEG2000BL-T1CD PEG2000BL-T2CD 2000/1500 W 84 1/4 2139
PEG2500BL PEG2500BL-T1CD PEG2500BL-T2CD 2500/1875 W 102 1/4 2596

Standard color: white


Product # Description

Single pole bimetallic thermostat:
25 A @ 120–277 V - 10 A @ 347–600 V, with a control knob


Double pole bimetallic thermostat:
25 A @ 120–277V - 10 A @ 347–600 V, with a control knob

1 Factory installed on right end only of the baseboard heater.
2 Can be installed on either end of the baseboard heater.