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Kickspace Heater

CPG Series

The perfect heater for rooms with limited wall space! Specifically
designedto be recessed in the kickspace under kitchen cabinets
or bathroom vanities.It can also be installed over kitchen cabinets
(near the ceiling) or in stairwells.

Features that are sure to please!

  • One unit, two power settings!

This heater provides 1000W of power by default. If the room’s heating requirements are lower, the two 500W elements connected in parallel allow you to easily adjust the power down to 500W during installation.

  • Two safety systems

In the event of overheating, a thermal protection with automatic reset will switch off the heating elements. For increased safety, a second thermal protection—this one with a manual reset—is activated in case the first malfunctions.

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Durable tubular heating element with fins.
  • Baked epoxy/polyester powder coating providing an ultra-durable, easy-to-maintain finish.

Our warranty—your assurance of quality!

  • 1-year against defects

Product dimensions

Available Model

Product # Watts
CPGU1000BL 500/375
Standard color: white