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Garage Unit Heater

HVG-RF Series


With its modern, industrial look and powerful heating capability,
this is one unit heater that knows how to deliver! Hardwire to the
electrical panel, it’s the safe way to heat your garageat all times.
And multiple integrated control options mean you can use it year round. 

Features that are sure to please!

  • Versatile
Motors/fans are part and parcel of garage heaters, but the noise and vibration they produce when units are installed on garage ceilings beneath living space can often be a nuisance for those who reside above.
• To solve the problem, our HVG-RF Series heating unit comes with a bracket so it can be installed on the wall or the ceiling, still keeping wall space free for storage.
• The adjustable bracket also allows all angle rotation to direct heat exactly where you want it.
  • Built tough to last
• Entirely enclosed, thermally protected motor keeps dust out to extend unit life. Maintenance free.
• Baked epoxy/polyester powder coating provides an ultra-durable, easy-to-maintain finish.
• The stainless steel sheathed elements with aluminum fins have a large surface area to dissipate heat, providing maximum reliability and greater safety than open-coil type heating elements.
  • A host of possibilities
Built-in control options for getting the most out the unit all year long!
- Thermostat
- “On/Auto” fan switch: “On” for use as a simple ambient air fan
- “Hi/Lo” switch for 2 heat settings:“Lo” for 2/3 power on more moderate days


  • 5-year against defects

Product dimensions


Product # Watts
HVGU05000AMRF-F1-HL-T5 5000/3800


Standard color: Almond and black