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« It is important to adequately calculate the heating capacity required to heat your room. An underpowered heating system will reduce the lifespan of your heater. To learn more... »
« For optimal comfort we highly recommend using a wall-mounted electronic thermostat to regulate your electric heaters. To learn more... »
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CEG Series

 A space-saving convector that provides the quiet of natural convection heating.

Features that are sure to please!

  • A classic and discreet design

With its classic look, this heating unit perfectly blends with any surrounding.

  • A compact unit

This is our most compact natural convection unit. It provides you with greater flexibility when arranging your room.

  • Choice of controls

Consumers can choose from two control options: built-in electronic thermostat or electronic wall thermostat (not offered by Global Commander).

  • Quick and easy installation

- Built-in single-screw wire connector on the back for quick junction box access.
- Wall mounting bracket included.

  • Even quieter natural convection heating

Heating element floats on high-temperature nylon support to reduce thermal expansion noises.


  • 10-year on the heating element
  • 3-year against defects

Product dimensions


Models without thermostat

Product # Watts
in. mm
CEG0500BL 500/375 18 457
CEG1000BL 1000/750 23 9/16 598
CEG1500BL 1500/1125 29 1/16 739
CEG2000BL 2000/1500 34 5/8 880

Standard color : White

Models with built-in electronic thermostat

Product # Watts
in. mm
CEG0500BL-TH 500/375 18 457
CEG1000BL-TH 1000/750 23 9/16 598
CEG1500BL-TH 1500/1125 29 1/16 739
CEG2000BL-TH 2000/1500 34 5/8 880

Standard color : White