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Bathroom Wall Heater

SBG Series

This ultra-quiet wall heater with timer and thermostat is perfect
for bathroom wherewall space is restricted.

Features that are sure to please!
  • Ultra-quiet

The bathroom wall heater is specifically designed for bathrooms, where space is at a premium and heat is a priority. It features a squirrel-cage fan for whisper-quiet operation no matter how long it runs.

  • Even heat

With 1500 Watts of power, the system brings the room to a comfortable, even temperature almost instantly. It can also be used in automatic switch mode thanks to a built-in thermostat.

  • Easy to use

The top button is used to turn the thermostat on and set the desired temperature. The second button activates the timer for continuous operation mode, which lets you warm up a room for a specific period of time.

  • Sturdy and safe

• The bar grille keeps objects and little fingers out.
• Baked epoxy/polyester powder coating providing an ultra-durable, easy-to-maintain finish.

Our warranty—your assurance of quality!

  • 2-year against defects

Product dimensions

Available Model

Product # Watts
SBG1500BL-TM 1500/1125

Standard color : White